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The Sucker(1965)

The Sucker (1965)

Le Corniaud, 110min, France, Italy


Gérard Oury, Louis de Funes, Venantino Venantini, José Luis de Villalonga, Henri Virlojeux, Bourvil, Lando Buzzanca, Guy Delorme, Dan Vadis, Daniela Rocca, Walter Chiari

Antoine Marechal (André Bourvil) is trusting good guy who accidentally collides with a gangster Saroyan (Louis de Funes). As forgiveness offers Saroyan to Antonie paid trip by Cadillac of his American friend from Naples to Bordeaux. But the car is full of stolen gold, drugs and a large diamond.

Filming locations

Antonie Marechal travels in the movie The Sucker (Le Corniaud) across Napoli in Italy, through Rome, Sutri and San Gimignano to Carcassone castle and Bordeaux.